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Welcome to the chemistry guru,

We help you to learn chemistry concepts from basics to advance level.
Our systematic, level wise approach would help you to overcome the phobia of chemistry.
We guide students (in chemistry) for JEE MAIN & ADVANCED,  XI – XII,  CHEMISTRY OLYMPIAD,  CBSE Medical NEET and class 8, 9 and 10  .
Our team is in the field of Classroom teaching since last 14 years .
Now We are trying to guide those students who could not access quality education in their city or institute.

You can take our help for,
i) Clarify your doubts : If you want to clarify your doubts of any topic or chapter of chemistry, register with us or send us an email info@thechemistryguru.com mentioning your doubt.
ii) Learn a chapter or topic : if you miss any class in school and want that class topic to be taught in even better way, you can join our online class for the same.
iii) Learn Full syllabus of chemistry for various exams

Our Philosophy

Any student can learn if he/she knows what he/she wants to learn.  We here at  www.thechemistryguru.com  makes the work of our students simpler . We engineer learning experience such that our students can handle the driver’s seat independently to drive their learning path in the subject.

Our History
In the field of teaching classroom  Chemistry , we are present since last many years. Competitive exams are our main area of work, namely a few  JEE MAIN , JEE ADVANCED, Medical Entrance exams.


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