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Hard Work is never waste

Thomas Edison tried two thousand different materials in search of a filament for the light bulb. When none worked satisfactorily, his assistant complained, “All our work is in vain. We have learned nothing.”

Edison replied very confidently, “Oh, we have come a long way and we have learned a lot. We know that there are two thousand elements which we cannot use to make a good light bulb.”

So Remember Hard work is never waste.


Positive Attitude in Adversity 

There was an old mule.

One day accidentally he fell into the farmer’s well. The farmer has evaluated the situation and thought to himself, that neither the well nor the old mule was worth the efforts to save them. Thus he decided to haul dirt to bury the old mule in the well.

 So the farmer called his neighbors and together they started to shovel dirt into the well.

 The old mule was terrified and hysterical in the beginning. But soon one hopeful idea came to his mind – every time when a shovel of dirt landed on his back, he would shake it off and step up!

 He repeated these words to himself again and again: “Shake it off and step up“. This way he could struggle the panic and encourage himself.

 After some time, the mule had stepped over the well‘s wall. Although terribly tired, he was the winner, he saved his own life. He decided to face his adversity positively and not to give up, and thus he won.

What seemed to bury him, actually saved him, owing to his confidence and restless efforts.

 So Dear students , whatever problems come , just shake it off and step up.


Best Colleges In India

Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) today released the India Rankings 2016 at the Vigyan Bhawan.A National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) was constituted by the HRD ministry last year to conduct annual surveys. Based on it’s findings and verification, the listing has been released.

According to the rankings, IIT Madras has been named the best engineering college in the country. The other engineering colleges that made it to the list include IIT Bombay, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Delhi etc.

For the management category, IIM Bangalore has been ranked number one followed by IIM Ahmedabad & IIM Calcutta at the second and third position respectively.

Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore has been named the best university in the country.

The complete India Rankings 2016 for different categories are as follows:

Top 10 Engineering institutes in India:
1. Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
2. Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
3. Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
4. Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
5. Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
6. Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee
7. Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad
8. Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar
9. Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar-Rupnagar
10. Indian Institute of Technology, Patna

Top 10 Universities in the country:
1. Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
2. Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai
3. Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
4. University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad
5. Tezpur University, Tezpur, Assam
6. University of Delhi, Delhi
7. Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
8. Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, Thiruvanathapuram
9. Birla Institute of Technology and Science -Pilani
10. Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh

Top 10 Management institutes in the country:
1. Indian Institute of Management, Bangaluru
2. Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
3. Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta
4. Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow
5. Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur
6. Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode
7. International Management Institute, New Delhi
8. Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal
9. Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
10. Indian Institute of Management, Indore

Top 10 Pharmaceutical institutes:
1. Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Manipal
2. University institute of pharmaceutical sciences -Chandigarh
3. Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi
4. Poona College of Pharmacy, Erandwane, Pune
5. Institute of Pharmacy, Nirma University, Ahmedabad
6. Bombay College of Pharmacy, Mumbai
7. Birla Institute of technology, Ranchi
8. Amrita School of Pharmacy, Kochi
9. JSS college of Pharmacy, Ootacamund
10. JSS college of Pharmacy, Mysuru