Chemistry Projects

Chemistry Project : Refer following Chemistry projects


1. Chemistry Project on Estimation of Content of Bone Ash                                                                   

2. Chemistry Project on Green Chemistry: Bio-Diesel and Bio-Petrol                                             

3. Chemistry Project on Sterilization of Water using Bleaching Powder                                         

4. Chemistry Project on Analysis of Fertilizers                                                                                                 

5. Chemistry Project on Measuring Solubility of Saturated Solutions                                               

6. Chemistry Project To Study the Setting of Cement                                                                                  

7. Chemistry Project to Measure the Amount of Acetic Acid in Vinegar                                         

8. Chemistry Project on Determination of Contents of Cold Drinks                                                   

9. Chemistry Project on Preparation of Potash Alum                                                                                   

10. Chemistry Project on Study of Diffusion of solids in Liquids                                                           

11. Chemistry Project to Study the Rate of Diffusion                                                                                   

12. Chemistry Project on Variation of Conductance in Electrolytes                                                   

13. Chemistry Project on Foaming Capacity of Soaps                                                                                  

14. Chemistry Project on Spectroscopy                                                                                                                          

15. Chemistry Project to To Determine which Antacid Neutralizes Stomach Acid Most      

16. Chemistry Project to Study the Quantity of Caesin in Milk                                                              

17. Chemistry Project to Determine the Caffeine in Tea Samples                                                        

18. Chemistry Project to Study the Adulterants in Food                                                                            

19. Chemistry Project to Study the Constituents of an Alloy                                                                                                 

20. Chemistry Project on Presence of Insecticides & Pesticides in Fruits & Vegetables        

21. Chemistry Project to Study the Change in EMF of a Daniel Cell                                                 

22. Chemistry Project to Prepare Rayon Threads From Filter Paper                                                 

23. Chemistry Project on Preparation of Soyabean Milk                                                                           

24. Chemistry Project on Study of Rate of Fermentation of Juices                                                                         

25. Chemistry Project on Metal coupling in rusting of Iron                                                                      

26. Chemistry Project on Electrolysis of Potassium Iodide (KI)                                                             

27. Chemistry Project to Compare Rate of Fermentation                                                                         

28. Chemistry Project on Fatty Material of Different Soap Samples                                                  

29. Chemistry Project on Extraction of Essential Oil from Aniseed                                               

30. Chemistry Project on Preparation of Pigments and Poster Paints                                              

31. Chemistry Project on Formation Of Biodiesel                                                                                          

32. Chemistry Project on Antacids                                                                                                                          

33. Chemistry Project on Evaporation of Liquid                                                                                              

34. Chemistry Project to Study Effect of Metal Coupling on Corrosion                                           

35. Analysis of Honey

36. Can you make electricity from fruits and Chemicals

37. Effect of Addition of Solute in the boiling point of Solution

38. How does Sea Water affect the corroison of Iron

39. How to increase the Speed of a reaction

40. Make Salt Crystals

41. Voltage required for steel to be protected

42. Does Acid Make Steel Rust Faster

43. Effect of Heat on Vitamin C in Tomatoes

44. Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation on Crystal Growth

45. Innovative Method to Reduce VAT Dyes Electrolytically

46. Rubbery Egg- To demonstrate the importance of calcium for healthy teeth and bones.

47. To Study the presence of Oxalate Iron in Gauava

48. Chemistry project Qualitative Analysis of Different Coins

49. Chemistry project to Aldol Condensation

50. Chemistry project on Analysis of Vegetable and Fruit Juices

51. Chemistry project to Analyze a Sample of Brass Qualitatively

52. Comparing Lactose Percentage between Whole Milk and Powdered Milk

53. Chemistry project to Preparation of Cuprammonium Rayon Threads

54. Chemistry project on Preparation of Ink

55. Removal of Alcohol from the Body through Esterification

56. Salivary Amylase and Starch Digestion to find out how different factors such as temperature and pH affect the rate of digestion

57. Chemistry project Ions Present In The Toothpaste And Determine The Quality

58. Chemistry project to Prepare a Smoke Bomb

59. Chemistry project on Mohr’s salt

60. Chemistry project on Preparation of Toilet Soaps

61. Determining the Relationship between temperature of a water sample and its turbidity level

62. Chemistry Project on Electrical Cleavage of Mineral Ore

63. Fingerprinting the Crime Scene Investigation

64. Chemistry Project on Which Grease is good for you

65. Chemistry Project on Why are the Apples brown?

66. Chemistry Project an Influence of Wastewater PH on Turbidity

67. Chemistry Project on Catalytic Decomposition

68. Correlation Between Conductivity and Corrosion

69. Destruction of Natural Pigments by the Interaction of UV Light and Oxygen

70. Electrolyte Turns On the Solar Cell

71. Glucose Monitoring in Porous Silicon Photonic Crystals

72. Chemistry Project on Hess’ Law and Thermochemistry

73. Synthesis and Decomposition of Aspirin

74. Synthesis of Bismuth Telluride Nanowires

75. How to Make a Rainbow Rose

76. Borax Crystal Heart Science Project

77. How to Do Paper Chromatography With Leaves

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