Class 10


Class 10 is important mile stone in career of a student. The Chemistry of class 10 involves basic understanding of Periodic Classification, understanding about metals and non-metals and basics of Organic chemistry, IUPAC Nomenclature of organic compounds mainly Hydrocarbons.
To understand these topics , student should focus on how these concepts were derived and developed.
One should not hurry in just remembering the facts rather concentrate on why and how type of chemistry questions with application based problems. 
Regular practice of quizzes and assignments will keep your academic problems away. will help you to understand the concepts using simplified theory which is not only helpful for your School exam but also foundation for higher competitive exams, Solution of NCERT Text books problems , practice papers , Online Quiz to see your preparation level.



Class 10 Chemistry 

The list of class 10 Chemistry Chapters :


Chapter 1 : Chemical Reactions & Equations


Chapter 2 : Acids, Bases and Salts


Chapter 3 : Metals and Non – Metals


Chapter 4 : Carbon and Its Compounds


Chapter 5 : Periodic Classification of Elements

      Döbereiner’s Triads &  Newlands’ Law of Octaves

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