Metals and Non-Metals : Corrosion



Most of the metals keep on reacting with the atmospheric air. This leads to formation of a layer over the metal. In the long run, the underlying layers of the metal keep on getting lost due to conversion into oxides or sulphides or carbonate, etc. As a result, the metal gets eaten up. This process is called corrosion.

Rusting of Iron: Rusting of iron is the most common form of corrosion. When iron articles; like gate, grill, fencing, etc. come in contact with moisture present in air, the upper layer of iron turns into iron oxide. Iron oxide is brown-red in color and is known as rust. This phenomenon is called rusting of iron.

If rusting is not prevented in time, the whole iron article would turn into iron oxide. This is also known as corrosion of iron. Rusting of iron gives huge loss every year.

Prevention of Rusting: For rusting, iron must come in contact with oxygen and water. Rusting is prevented by preventing the reaction between atmospheric moisture and the iron article. This can be done by painting, greasing, galvanization, electroplating, etc.

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