Metals and Non-Metals : Physical properties of Non – Metals


Physical properties of non-metals                                                                   

Hardness: Non-metals are not hard rather they are generally soft. But diamond is exception; it is most hard naturally occurring substance.

State: Non-metals may be solid, liquid or gas.

Lustre: Non-metals have dull appearance. Diamond and iodine are exceptions.

Sonority: Non-metals are not sonorous, i.e. they do not produce a typical sound no being hit.

Conduction: Non-metals are bad conductor of heat and electricity. Graphite which is allotrope of carbon is good conductor of electricity, and is an exception.

Malleability and ductility: Non-metals are brittle.

Melting and boiling point: Non-metals have generally low melting and boiling points.

Density: Most of the non-metals have low density.

Color: Non-metals are of many colors.

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