class 8 syllabus

Class 8 Chemistry Syllabus

Synthetic Fibres and Plastics

  1. Plastics and other synthetic materials
  2. Usefulness of plastics
  3. Disadvantages of plastics
  4. Fibrous materials in use


Materials: Metals & Non-Metals

  1. Metals : Physical and Chemical Properties and Uses
  2. Non-Metals : Physical and Chemical Properties and Uses


Coal and Petroleum

  1. Coal and its story
  2. Natural Resources : Inexhaustible and exhaustible natural resources
  3. Useful products obtained from coal
  4. Formation of coal and petroleum in nature
  5. Petroleum and refining of petroleum
  6. Natural Gas
  7. Natural resources are limited
  8. Consequences of over extraction of coal and petroleum


Combustion and Flame

  1. Combustion and types of combustion
  2. Flame
  3. Fire Control
  4. Fuels : Types of fuels
  5. Heat released from fuels
  6. Fuel efficiency and cost
  7. Effects of burning fossil fuels


Pollution of Air and Water

  1. Agrochemicals and their effects
  2. Air Pollution and Effects of Air Pollution – Acid Rain and Taj Mahal
  3. Greenhouse effect
  4. How to reduce air pollution?
  5. Water pollution
  6. Potable water
  7. How to reduce water pollution
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