Class 9 Syllabus

Class 9 Chemistry Syllabus

Matter in our surrounding

  1. Physical nature of matter.
  2. Characteristics of particles of matter.
  3. States of matter.
  4. Can matter change its state.
  5. Evaporation.
  6. How does evaporation cause cooling.


Is Matter around us pure

  1. What is a mixture
  2. What is a solution
  3. Methods of expressing concentration
  4. Collidal Solution
  5. Suspension
  6. Elements and Compounds
  7. Separation of Gasses from Air


Atoms and Molecules

  1. Law of Conservation of Mass
  2. Law of Constant Proportion
  3. Atoms & Atomic Mass
  4. Molecules
  5. How to Write a Chemical Formulae
  6. Mole Concept and Calculation of moles


Structure of the Atom

  1. Thomson Model of an Atom
  2. Rutherford Model of an Atom
  3. Bohr’s Model of an Atom
  4. Discovery of Neutrons
  5. Valence
  6. Atomic Number, Mass number, Isobars, Isotopes
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