Is Matter around us Pure : Types of mixture


Heterogeneous and Homogenous Mixtures                                                                                                      


When two or more elements or compounds mix together, not necessarily in a definite ratio and do not interact chemically, then the resulting substance is known as a mixture. For example: mixture of sand and water. There are two types of mixtures: Homogeneous and heterogeneous mixture.

Heterogeneous and Homogenous Mixtures


Homogeneous mixture

These are the types of mixtures in which the components mixed are uniformly distributed throughout the mixture or in other words “the same throughout”. We can observe only one phase of matter in homogeneous mixtures. Key points regarding these type of mixtures:

  • Particles are distributed uniformly
  • We can’t judge a homogeneous mixture by just seeing it
  • Homogeneous mixtures are also called as solutions
  • Uniform composition
  • Example: rain water, vinegar etc.


Heterogeneous mixture

This is a type of mixture in which all the components are completely mixed and all the particles can be seen under a microscope. We can easily identify the components and more than one phase can be seen by naked eyes. Key points regarding these type of mixtures:

  • Particles are distributed non uniformly
  • We can judge a heterogeneous mixture by just seeing it
  • Non-uniform composition
  • Example: sea water, pizza, etc


Difference between homogeneous and heterogeneous mixture

Homogeneous mixture Heterogeneous mixture
It has uniform composition It has non uniform composition
It has only one phase There are two or more phases
It can’t be separated out physically It can be separated out physically
‘homo’ means same ‘hetero’ means different
Example: mixture of alcohol and water Example: mixture of sodium chloride and sand


Soft drink: Homogeneous or Heterogeneous mixture?

In homogeneous mixture, all the components are uniformly distributed and in soft drink we find components like sweetener, carbon dioxide and water forming a single phase .Therefore, soft drink is a homogeneous mixture.


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