halato-telechelic polymer

halato-telechelic polymer
Also contains definition of: halatopolymer
Polymer composed of linear macromolecules having ionic or ionizable end-groups.
1. The term halato-telechelic polymer is used to denote a polymer composed of macromolecules
having stable (long-lived) ionic or ionizable groups, such as carboxylate or quaternary ammonium groups, as chain ends. It should not be used to describe a polymer composed of macromolecules having chain ends that are transient intermediates in ionic polymerizations initiated by difunctional initiators.
2. The term halatopolymer is used for a linear polymer formed by the coupling of halato-telechelic polymer molecules, for example, for the linear polymer formed by the coupling of carboxylate end-groups with divalent metal cations.

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