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(Mole Concept)

 Periodic Properties General Organic Chemistry
Atomic Structure Chemical Bonding Isomerism 
State of Matter (Gaseous State) Hydrogen Hydrocarbon
Chemical Equilibrium s-Block Elements Alkyl & Aryl Halides
Ionic Equilibrium Boron Family (Gr 13) Alcohols & Ethers
Chemical Thermodynamics Carbon Family (Gr 14) Phenols
Chemical Kinetics Nitrogen Family (Gr 15) Carbonyl Compounds
Surface Chemistry Oxygen Family (Gr 16) Carboxylic Acids & Their Derivatives 
Electrochemistry Halogen Family (Gr 17)


Noble Gasses (Gr 18)

Amines and Nitro Compounds
Solid State Metallurgical Operations  Biomolecules
Liquid Solutions dBlock Elements Polymer
Redox Reaction Co-ordination Compounds Chemistry in Every Day life
Nuclear Chemistry Qualitative Analysis Practical Organic Chemistry & Environmental Chemistry

Atomic Structure

Surface Chemistry


Redox Reaction


Nuclear Chemistry

Chemical Equilibrium

Gaseous State

Liquid Solution

Solid State

Ionic equilibrium

Chemical Kinetics

Carbon Family

d and f block

Nitrogen Family

Boron Family

Coordination Compounds

Qualitative analysis

s-Block Elements


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